The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture at the NGV

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior’s debut spring-summer collection in 1947 and I couldn't think of a better place to have an exhibition than Melbourne's own National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)! Thank you to our photographers Tina Giorgio Photography for taking these stunning shots.

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

The NGV opened its doors last month to an intimate and stunning collection of over 140 garments from Christian Dior Couture designed between 1947 and 2017. Highlights include Christian Dior’s iconic Spring 1947 ‘New Look’ collection, which was considered a groundbreaking moment in the history of fashion as Dior introduced a new post-war silhouette which reaffirmed ideals of femininity and luxury in fashion.

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

A beautifully presented exhibition with a matching background music which really sets the mood. The range of the collection is just sublime and its simplicity makes it stylish and dateless.

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Exhibitors used mirrors behind dresses as a clever way of showing the back of some of the dresses.

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Every piece and every aspect of The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture exhibition is just exquisite and you will be left inspired by Dior's past, his stylish outfits, all the fashion and more!  

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

There is also be a section dedicated to fabulous accessories, particularly shoes and millinery by Stephen Jones which has designed over 50 bespoke headpieces especially for this exhibition. Perfect inspiration for the upcoming Spring Carnival!

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

The exhibition will also explore Dior’s unique affinity with Australia, including the historic spring 1948 fashion parade at David Jones, Sydney, which featured 50 original creations by Christian Dior which was the first representative Dior collection to be shown outside of Paris.

Visitors can enjoy a birds-eye view of the vast array of garments on show from the grand sweeping staircase which represents the iconic staircase from the Paris couture house that has featured in countless photoshoots and fashion parades over the House’s seventy-year history.

 Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography for My French Rituals

Whether you are an artist, a photographer, a fashion stylist, a big fan of Dior or a fan of fashion in general - you will love this exhibition.

'The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture' at NGV International from 27 August to 7 November 2017. For more information and to book tickets online, head to the NGV website.

Celebration High Tea at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

My daughter and I were recently invited at the beautiful 5 star Sofitel Sydney Wentworth hotel for a special mother and daughter high tea. As we arrived at the Soirée Restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff and as we sat down, my daughter kept looking at other guests' high tea selection and wondered if we were going to have high tea too!


When our French inspired Celebration High Tea arrived, we definitely felt spoilt! This special high tea comprises of sweet little patisseries, scones and savoury choices all accompanied with a selection of Ronnefeldt teas or a cheeky glass of Veuve Clicquot. 


Our French high tea included white chocolate domes, vanilla macarons, vanilla éclairs, berry tartlets, Wentworth cheesecakes, apple tartlets and scones with homemade strawberry jam & cream for sweet treats. And for savoury we had smoked salmon on viennoise bread, egg sandwiches and mushroom quiches. 


I really enjoyed the thin pastry of the apple tartlet which was matched well with textured apple slices and a tiny gold leaf on top. 


My daughter's favourite treat was the white chocolate dome, a very delicate almost jelly-like dome with a white chocolate disk base topped with a cute golden button. I managed to try a small bit of one of the domes as the delicious consistency had my daughter going back for seconds!


The berry tartlet had a nice pastry shell which was filled with a light custard filling topped with fresh raspberries.


I loved loved loved the little vanilla éclair which had perfect icing, soft dough and a custard filling. The éclairs disappeared quite quickly hence they didn't get an individual photo.


The vanilla macaron had a light consistency with a sweet meringue and tender ganache which was pleasant. 


We also tried the Wentworth Cheesecake which had a bouncy consistency, a tad too sweet for me but it might be because I tried it last. I enjoyed the scones with homemade jam & cream as well as the sultana scones which were both nice and soft in the middle with a nice crust with lashings of jam and cream. 

Last but not least, the smoked salmon on viennoise bread and the mushroom quiche were nice savoury optionsThe quiche had great mushroom flavour and the softness of the viennoise bread was a great choice with the smoked salmon.


Thank you Sofitel Sydney Wentworth for having us, my daughter and I had an amazing time - such a special French high tea!

The Celebration High Tea is only available for group high tea parties in Garden Court Restaurant. Please refer to the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth's website for more information.

This post is in no way sponsored, however we were invited by Sofitel Sydney Wentworth to review this high tea.

Degas: A New Vision at the NGV Melbourne

If you've come from our other blog @busycitykids - welcome!

When Tony Ellwood, Director of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) announced 'Degas: A New Vision' as the main exhibition for the 2016 Winter Masterpieces, I gasped with joy so much so that he was happy to note the emotions in the audience.

  Family portrait  also called  The Bellelli family -  c. 1867 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Family portrait also called The Bellelli family - c. 1867 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Having grown up in Paris visiting the Louvre and Musée D’Orsay with my father, I have loved impressionism and Degas, in particular for the beauty in his style and the way he portrayed ballet dancers and women.
  P  hoto credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

‘Degas: A New Vision’ is the NGV’s latest exhibition part of the Winter Masterpieces for 2016. Curated by former Director of the Louvre and Degas expert, Henri Loyrette who has spent forty years studying Degas, the exhibition features more than 200 works in the largest Degas show to ever be staged in Australia.

  The little fourteen-year-old dancer - c.  1879–81 -  Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

The little fourteen-year-old dancer - c. 1879–81 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

The exhibition features Degas’ exquisite paintings, sculpture, drawings, pastels and photographs and showcases some of his most famous works including exquisite ballet dancer scenes, poetic bronze sculptures, nudes and drawings of Parisian life. It is the most complex Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition for the NGV and features works collated from over 40 cities around the world drawn from more than 66 collections.

  Finishing the arabesque - c.  1877 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Finishing the arabesque - c. 1877 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Some of Degas’ most famous masterworks are presented including the bronze sculpture The little fourteen-year-old dancer, 1879–81, and In a café (The Absinthe drinker), c. 1875–76. World-renowned paintings, never-before-seen in Australia, are also exhibited such as the celebrated ballet paintings The rehearsal, c. 1874, and Finishing the arabesque, 1877, and Degas’ monumental portrait The Bellelli family, 1867.

  Dancer with bouquets -  c. 1895–1900 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Dancer with bouquets - c. 1895–1900 - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Degas was drawn to explore movement that was precise and disciplined, such as that of racehorses and ballet dancers, and absorbed a diverse range of influences from Japanese prints to Italian Mannerism.

 NGV Café - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

NGV Café - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Ballet dancers from the Australian Ballet brought to life Edgar Degas’ iconic ballet dancer paintings at the exclusive media preview last week and beautifully captured by our photographer Tina from Tina Giorgio Photography.
 Beautiful Australian Ballet Dancers - Eves Ferris & Georgia Schott-Hunter - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

Beautiful Australian Ballet Dancers - Eves Ferris & Georgia Schott-Hunter - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

It is so fitting and so beautiful to see them photographed next to the little fourteen-year-old dancer, a masterpiece of this exhibition.

  The little fourteen-year-old dancer - c.  1879–81 - Georgia Schott-Hunter & Eves Ferris - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

The little fourteen-year-old dancer - c. 1879–81 - Georgia Schott-Hunter & Eves Ferris - Photo credit: Tina Giorgio Photography

If you are thinking of attending 'Degas: A New Vision' with kids, grab a copy of 'Dancing with Degas' before going the exhibition. This book has been written by the NGV especially for kids to provide them with a great intro to the exhibition and will help them relate to the exhibition when they attend.

If you can choose a quiet time during the week to avoid the crowds and try to read out the kids signs next to the artwork to aspire your young art lovers. It's never too early to introduce children to art!

If you are going solo, put aside a few hours to soak up the 200 works of this exquisite exhibition.

'Degas: A New Vision' is on now at the NGV International until the 18th of September 2016. For more information, checkout the NGV's website.

Vinomofo Wines

I recently received two bottles from Vinomofo to test and chat about. Vinomofo is no stranger to my house, my husband and I have been buying wine from the Mofo crew for more than two years now and I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours that my second child might be attributable to their Duck Sauce Pinot Noir!

Vinomofo was founded in 2011 but it really started in 2007 in a garage in Adelaide when brothers-in-law Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier wanted to create a social network of wine lovers. After years of talking to producers and their tribe, they founded Vinomofo and started selling wine to the public. Justin and Andre are down-to-earth guys who believe that wine shouldn't be about 'bowties and bullshit' and only sell wines they love to drink. Fast forward to today and the Mofo tribe has over 400,000 members and their buying power is strong which means they can offer great deals but still keep it real.

They also co-produce their own wine label called 'Kinda Independent Wine Company' and the wines they sell are made in collobaration with great Aussie wine makers and aren't available anywhere else. These guys can be found here. They also sell them as a mixed 6 pack (or dozen) called their Collaboration Case.

I was more than happy to try out two bottles from the Collaboration Case - the Art Of War Shiraz 2014 and the Duck Sauce Pinot Noir 2014.


My husband always jokes about how I used to only want to drink full bodied Shiraz from the Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale region until he introduced me to Pinot Noir. This was mainly because before we met I lived in Adelaide, before that I lived in France.

Growing up, my father loved his wine, he had an amazing cellar filled with great bottles that he aged for years and made me try on special occasions. He loved sourcing wine and champagne from all over Europe and as a result I loved wine too. The rest of the time, my parents drank cleanskin/drinkable wines that we would buy and bottle ourselves. Those wines were great to complement lunch or dinner, nothing over the top but still a great bottle to drink.

I think of Vinomofo's Collaboration Case in a similar way however a little bit more edgy in style with their cool label and names and more adventurous in their selection of wine notes. Even though those wines aren't wines that you would cellar for years, they are great in depth of flavour and great wines to bring out at dinner parties with friends and family.

Now for the tasting .. !

Art Of War Barossa Valley SA Shiraz 2014


Art Of War Shiraz 2014 is an amazing wine that I could drink on a daily basis (well my doctor probably wouldn't agree but I'd love to!). This wine can be described as full-bodied, round, bold yet still easy to drink with beautiful flavour of dark fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant and blood plum) and great depth. This wine is crafted by Kym Teusner with some beautiful Shiraz grapes that you can appreciate on the nose. Although young, this wine does not leave you with that tannin taste in your mouth that you would otherwise get from younger wines. A quick aeration and it's good to go!


I paired a glass of the Art Of War Shiraz with perfectly cooked lamb cutlets and bacon & cheese potato gratin and it went beautifully with the meal cooked by yours truly. The deep Shiraz flavour goes really well with the strong gamy meat and cuts through the richness of the potato gratin.

Duck Sauce Yarra Valley VIC Pinot Noir 2014


Duck Sauce Pinot Noir 2014 is a great go-to wine for a quiet Friday night, it goes really well with the casual pizza or duck funny enough! This wine is described as Medium-bodied, silky, elegant with fruit characters of cherry, redcurrant and pinch of spice. Make sure you aerate it before you drink it to 'ruffle its feathers' and for it to be 'best in show'.

I paired a glass of the Duck Sauce Pinot Noir with some perfectly cooked crispy skin duck breast and green beans bathed in garlic butter cooked by @bistrobelly on the weekend and it paired beautifully! It is gentle yet but still has a small depth to it.

I really enjoyed trying out these wines and I am looking forward to trying some more wines from Vinomofo's Collaboration Case soon (hint hint) - haha I wish!

If you want to join the Mofo tribe, see what all the fuss is about and support a great team of people, here's their website. They have both epic and secret deals that either sell out fast or are on for limited times. Their delivery is also fast and trackable which is great so you can stalk your wine! If you end up trying a few of their wines and don't like them, you can return them and the wine gets picked up which is great. See how you go!
This product talk was brought to you by Nuffnang and Vinomofo. The wine was provided by Nuffnang and Vinomofo however the views are my own.

My favourite bakeries in Melbourne

Having recently moved to Sydney, I daydream often of my favourite bakeries in Melbourne. In this post, I share my favourite places and which pastries & breads I love the most.

Agathé Pâtisserie - South Melbourne Market
Favourites: Plain croissant, Pain au chocolat, Pain aux raisins, Nutella Cruffin and Paris-Brest

Baker D Chirico - Carlton
Favourites: Pain aux raisins, Sourdough and Ham & Gruyère quiche

Cobb Lane - Yarraville
Favourites: Plain Baguette and Mixed Grains & Seeds Baguette

Collins Square Catering - Melbourne CBD
Favourites: Almond Croissant and Pain au chocolat

Dench Bakers - Fitzroy North
Favourites: Pain aux raisins, Baguette, Baton, Grain Sourdough and White Sourdough

Impasto Forno Antico - Avondale Heights
Favourites: White Sourdough, Rye Sourdough and Grain Sourdough

Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery - Irrewarra
Favourites: Baguette à L'ancienne, Casalinga, Ciabatta, Breakfast Seed Loaf, Spicy Fruit & Nut Loaf and White Sandwich Loaf

Loafer Bread Organic Bakery - Fitzroy North
Favourites: Plain Baguette, Kouign-amann, Pain au chocolat, Chausson aux pommes, White Sourdough, Hot Cross Bun and Rye round loaf

Lune Croissanterie - Fitzroy
Favourites: Ham & Gruyère croissant and Twice Baked Almond Croissant

Noisette Bakery - Port Melbourne
Favourites: Plain croissant, Pain aux raisins, Pain au chocolat, White Sourdough, Mixed seeds Sourdough and Hot Cross Bun

Old Evropa - Eltham and Farmers Market
Favourites: Plain Baguette and Plain brioche

Parisian Baker - Essendon
Favourites: Plain croissant, Almond Croissant, Brioche and Mille-feuille

Phillippa's Bakery - Brighton
Favourites: Sourdough Campagnard Baguette, Canelé, Sourdough and Cinnamon bun

The Woodfrog Bakery - Kew
Favourites: Croissant, Pain au chocolat and Baguette de Tradition Française

This post is NOT sponsored or endorsed by any of the bakeries listed above. Just a fun post to share with our readers.

Fromage A Trois Cheese & Cider Festival 2016

The Fromage a Trois Cheese & Cider Festival is back at Werribee Park this year on Sunday 6th of March showcasing producers from Australia and Europe.


There will be over 60 exhibitors on the day, kitchen demonstrations and live music.

Artisan cheese makers like BoatShed Cheese, Boosey Creek Cheese, L'Artisan Cheese Organic, Milawa Cheese Company and Yarra Valley Dairy will be there as well as a number of cider, beer, wine and other gourmet foods producers such as Batlow Cider, Maggie Beer, Tin Shed Charcuterie and La Bastide.

Last year's festival introduced me to a number of great artisan producers from which I now buy from regularly. My highlights were trying cheeses from The Red Cow, Yarra Valley Dairy, raclette from Frencheese, bread from Loafer Bread, Crème brûlée from The Brûlée Cart, ice cream from Timboon Fine Ice Cream and cider from Batlow Cider Co.

The Red Cow last year had amazing artisan cheeses from the Rolf Beeler range which I am now obsessed with. I had their Jersey Blue cheese on Loafer Bread which was to die for. The Vacherin Fribourgeois and raw milk Gruyère were also very nice.

I enjoyed a torching demo and a sweet treat from The Brûlée Cart as well as a 'La Charcuterie' plate of melted raclette cheese from Frencheese. I am also now truly obsessed with vanilla and chocolate ice cream from Timboon Fine Ice Cream.

The best thing about the day was meeting the makers and exhibitors behind the tasty produce and drinks available on the day. Loved a chat with a few French people too! It was a fantastic day and the weather was just perfect which made things even more enjoyable. 

I recommend heading to the Fromage a Trois festival as early as you can to secure a spot on the grass, bring some picnic blankets, sunscreen and grab your free tasting glass on the way in. It is a family friendly event (kids 12 yrs and under enter free) so bring your little foodies with you!

Once you are settled in, stock up on produce (the food exhibitors queue can sometimes be a bit long so plan ahead), grab a drink and relax! There's also cooking demonstrations throughout the day where you can meet chefs from the Park Werribee, Shadowfax Wines, Circa and more - enjoy! 

Gates open at 10.30am and close at 6pm. For more info head to their website at:

Don't forget to share your great pics and day via social media using #fromageatrois.

Whey Up High with Will Studd - Eureka 89 - Monday 8th February 2016

On Monday, I cashed in my Christmas present from my husband and attended Whey Up High with Will Studd at Eureka 89 with my friend Tina from Tina Giorgio Photography. The evening was a celebration of Olivia Sutton's cheese shop Harper & Blohm's second anniversary. It was a great cheese masterclass hosted by the cheese master himself Will Studd where we tried cheeses from the Selected by Will Studd range paired with amazing wines from CellarHand.

The evening started with two small cheese tastings for apéritif followed by two courses of soft and hard cheeses all matched with spirits and wine. 

For apéritif, we tasted a salty semi hard cube of the Odysseys Barrel Aged Feta which is an authentic handmade barrel-ripened feta from Northern Greece made from 70% sheep / 30% goat's milk and a grilled lemony piece of the Aphrodite Halloumi which is an authentic handmade haloumi from Cyprus made from 70% sheep / 30% goat's milk. Both were paired nicely with a glass of Contratto Bianco on ice. Sorry no photos, we ate them too quickly to snap!

 Photo by Tina Giorgio Photography

Photo by Tina Giorgio Photography

The first cheese course consisted of four soft cheeses - a Brillat Savarin (not featured on the above photo), a Le Conquérant Demi Pont-l'Évêque, a Le Dauphin Délice de Chablis and a Le Conquérant Camembert.

  • The Brillat Savarin is a creamy slightly chalky triple-cream from Bourgogne made from cow's milk and is known as a crowd pleaser. It was such a crowd pleaser that most people in the room (me included) devoured their portion which surprised Will and Olivia! I have had Savarin before and its chalkiness reminds me of a goat's cheese which is nice but can be heavy for some. This cheese was paired with a glass of Chalmers Felicitas 2014 sparkling from Heathcote Victoria.
  • The Le Conquérant Demi Pont-l'Évêque (top left) is a pungent washed rind cheese from Normandie made from cow's milk. Demi refers to the small size of this Pont-l'Évêque which affects how it ripens. Because this cheese is smaller than its larger cousins it ripens faster. I didn't find the smell of this cheese very strong compared to a traditional Pont-l'Évêque and enjoyed the rind and its creamy centre. This cheese was paired with a glass of Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique Cidre from Normandie which is a beautiful sweet pear cider.
  • The Le Conquérant Camembert (bottom left) is a close cousin of the Camembert de Normandie. It has strong aromatic hints of wet straw, brassica and apples made from cow's milk from Normandie. My favourite cheese of the night by far! I love its soft and fudgy like texture and its strong smell brings me back to my childhood when my father used to leave cheeses out days before a party to ensure they were ripe and perfect to eat with baguette and a small side of lettuce leaves with a light and salty vinaigrette and a glass of wine. This cheese was also paired with a glass of Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique Cidre from Normandie which was my favourite pairing of the night.
  • The Le Dauphin Délice de Chablis (top right) is a young orange washed rind cheese from Bourgogne made from cow's milk. Will Studd was right when he said this cheese would divide the crowd as some people on the night were not taken by this cheese especially its rind. I however did enjoy it but prefer to remove the rind when it comes to washed rind cheeses as I find that the rind leaves a strange texture in my mouth which can spoil the taste of the rest of the cheese. This cheese was paired with a glass of Louis Michel Chablis AC from Chablis which I think is a natural pairing seeing as the cheese's washed rind is regularly washed with Chablis wine throughout its maturity.
  Photo by My French Rituals

Photo by My French Rituals

The second cheese course consisted of two hard cheeses and one blue - a La Couronne Fort Aged Comté, a Dehesa De Los Llanos Manchego and a Le Roi Roquefort.

  • The La Couronne Fort Aged Comté (bottom left) is a hard cheese with nutty and caramel sweetness flavours from Franche-Comté made from unpasteurised milk and aged for various periods of time. This was my favourite hard cheese of the night because of its beautiful aroma, texture and sweet nutty flavour. This cheese is a favourite at our house and often features on our cheeseboards. This cheese was paired with two glasses of wine - a glass of the KR Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2012 from Pfalz in Germany or a glass of the Pittnauer Heideboden Blaufrankisch 2014 from Burgenland in Austria. They were interesting pairings and most people in the room (to Will Studd's surprise) enjoyed the Pittnauer Heideboden which is a distant relative of Pinot Noir. I prefer my Comté by itself to be honest but if I have to drink wine with it I much prefer the Kallstadter Riesling.

  • The Dehesa De Los Llanos Manchego (bottom right) is a hard cheese from Spain made from ewe's milk and aged for at least 12 months. It has a rich crumbly texture with a sweet and nutty flavour. I found this cheese similar in texture to a pecorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano and while I enjoy those types of cheese when using them in salads or pasta, they are not my go-to cheeses for cheese platters. This cheese was paired with a glass of the KR Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2012 from Pfalz in Germany.
  • The Le Roi Roquefort (top right) is the oldest traditional French blue cheese matured in the ancient underground caves of the Cambalou plateau made from ewe's milk. I loved the richness of this blue and enjoyed how strong it was too. This cheese was paired with a glass of Georg Breuer Auslese Riesling 2014 from Rheingau in Germany.

We also tried Le Conquerant Beurre de Barrate which is a rich and creamy cultured butter which has been gently churned the old-fashioned way in a baratte in Normandie. I loved this butter as it was so soft and creamy, you can tell by the first taste that it is a good quality cultured butter just how butter is supposed to be! I cannot wait to try the demi-sel hopefully it has nice salty crystals like the salty butters in France.

 Photo by  My French Rituals

Photo by My French Rituals

We received a true masterclass from the cheese master himself on the night. Will Studd eats, sleeps and breaths cheese! I loved listening about the history of the cheeses we tried and the way they were and are now made. His passion really came out when he spoke about raw milk cheese and his legal case against Australian Food Regulations back in 2002 where he challenged the authorities by importing 80 kgs of Roquefort. Thanks to Will's devotion and legal battle, we now have Roquefort in Australia! 

The highlight of the night for me was meeting Will Studd and eating his cheeses of course! I liked how he came by each table during the tastings to chat and ask us what we thought. Things got a little more interesting when Will was talking about Camembert de Normandie and asked someone in the room to pronounce the name of the cheese and my dear friend Tina alerted him of my Frenchness!

Loved the evening even if I had a massive cheese hangover the next day - ha! No need to fear though, I have started eating cheese again and I am enjoying my take home goodie bag of Will Studd Petit Camembert, Haloumi and Beurre de Barrate!

  Photo by Tina Giorgio Photography

Photo by Tina Giorgio Photography

Lune Croissanterie

I first heard of Lune Croissanterie a few years ago when Lune was located in Elwood. The idea of waking up at 4am to drive to Elwood and line up for croissants did not appeal to me at the time though especially as a new sleep deprived parent. Thankfully Lune's new Fitzroy warehouse Croissanterie opened late last year and is only 15 mins away from my house and they open on Fridays which makes it ideal for me for some croissants tasting! 


The new climate controlled Lune lab is a glass cube in the middle of the warehouse where all the magic happens. I witnessed the brother & sister duo making ham & gruyère croissants as I walked in and with that I decided to try one onsite and grab a 'few' pastries to go.


The Ham & Gruyère Croissant was still warm from the oven and I must say it was amazing! You could taste the flavour of the ham from the grilled gruyère on the top of the croissant. The croissant itself was flaky and well layered, the ham nice and smokey and the melted gruyère and light grained mustard on the inside, very tasty. No traditional béchamel however but I don't think it needed it anyway.


The Lemon Curd Cruffin topped with a slightly salty meringue was small and a little dense for my liking but the lemon curd was very nice and tangy.


I tried Lune's original croissant, it was nice, flaky, it had a beautiful glossy shine on the outside and nice honeycomb layers on the inside.


The Pain au Chocolat had similar qualities to the original croissant smaller than I would have liked and did not have as much chocolate as I am used to in Paris but still very nice.


The pretty Twice Baked Almond Croissant was very beautiful to look at with its generous amount of flaked almonds and the croissant was also very flaky and glossy, I just wanted a bit more almond frangipane on the inside.

Overall, I did enjoy sitting at Lune's Fitzroy warehouse croissanterie whilst enjoying a delicious ham & gruyère croissant and I have no doubt that sitting through the Lune Lab three courses would be an amazing experience. My favourite Lune pastry would have to be the ham & gruyère croissant. The others were great but did miss that little something which made them a perfect 10/10. But Lune is definitely up there with some of Melbourne's great croissanterie and I admire the dedicated duo who are perfectionists, master of their craft and make amazing looking pastries! 

Lune Croissanterie is located at 119 Rose Street in Fitzroy and is open Friday to Sunday from 8am until sold out.

By Josephine

I popped into the beautiful French café By Josephine this week and was transported to France during my visit. French owner Josephine arrived in Melbourne in 2009 with the intention of travelling around Australia. But after falling in love with our beautiful city, she decided to stay put and create her delicious range of macarons instead. 


After making her macarons for wholesale, Josephine opened her elegant French café in 2012 to offer Melbournians her selection of macarons, patisseries, meringues, biscuits, caramel sauces, chutneys and let's not forget her sablés and cannelés! 


Josephine and her team make all macarons by hand and on some days make anything from 1,500 to 1,800 macarons to supply cafés around Melbourne and her own. On other days, she is busy making pâtisseries as well as food for the café and high teas. Josephine also hosts a macaron making class to small groups of macaron lovers every month.


Being a Croque Monsieur lover, I had to try Josephine's. The Croque Monsieur had a crispy crust, soft centre, creamy braised leek béchamel with free range ham topped with more leek béchamel and gruyère. There was no mustard in the béchamel which was a nice change that let the braised leek shine. The grain mustard vinaigrette through the salad went very well with the Croque. I will be back for more for sure, just delicious!


Josephine has a full sweet & savoury menu which has Croque Monsieur/Madame and Mademoiselle as a well as a specials board which on the day sported free range ham or chicken baguettes as well as an asparagus goats cheese with toast soup (yum!). I was very tempted by the ice cream macaron with salted butter caramel and the beautiful meringues but opted to take some macarons and sablés home instead.


I bought a packet of 12 sablés and as I am writing this just two days after visiting By Josephine, they are all gone! Very addictive with so much buttery goodness! 


Now for the pièce de résistance: Josephine's macarons! I now know why she is busy making her macarons around the clock - they are delicious! Josephine's beautifully handmade macarons have great texture and flavour. It's hard work when you have to test a dozen macarons when each one is so delicious but someone has to do it ha! 


If I could only choose one macaron from Josephine's range, it would have to be Rosewater - unbelievably good! The texture of the shell is very smooth but the best part of it is the Turkish delight buttercream!

Tip: For the best experience, eat your macarons straight up otherwise you can refrigerative them up to 3 days (if they last that long in your house) and leave them out for 20-30 mins before you eat them. 

I also tried the gingerbread and cherry chocolate macarons (part of the Christmas range) which were also very nice. I am seriously considering ordering one of Josephine's bûches de Noël (Yule logs) soon, I hear she makes a salted butter caramel bûche de Noël with macaron shells - yum!


I really enjoyed chatting with Josephine, she has such a warming and kind personality. I will definitely be back to try one of her lemon meringue tarts, meringues and grab some cannelés, sablés and macarons for home. 

By Josephine is located at 365 Sydney Road in Brunswick. There is free or paying parking available on Sydney road or in Wilkinson street off Albert street.

For more info about By Josephine, checkout her website.


By Josephine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Paris to Provence Festival

A few weeks ago, lovers of all things French headed to the Paris to Provence Festival to indulge. I look forward to the festival every year and was pretty excited when I was invited to attend and enjoy this beautiful French village set on the historical grounds of Como House & Garden.


I felt in France that day with champagne, baguettes, pains aux raisins, croissants, saucissons, cornichons, foie gras and cheeses on offer! 


The festival also featured marketplace exhibitors showcasing some great French products and services.


My obsession with viennoiseries from Agathé Pâtisserie continued with her traditional croissants as well as an Olive and Provence herbs croissant and Lavender almond croissant for the festival. The Lavender almond croissant was delicious with a hint of orange in the frangipane. I was pretty excited to see Agathe demonstrate her madeleines' recipe on stage, now to try and replicate it at home after many failed attempts at the bump! 


I bumped into Mr Saucisson from La Bastide/Saucissons Australia and tried his version which has less fat compared to the traditional French saucisson and is slightly sweet in taste with a hint of pepper.


I also tried Yarra Valley Dairy's cheese platter which had beautiful goat & cow cheeses on offer with various breads and a great relish to go with.


At midday on the day, the French and National Anthems were sang by festival attendees to show support and solidarity to those affected by the recent Paris attacks. This was quite an emotional time for me but a great idea from the organisers.


I continued visiting the grounds and stopped by Les Santons de Provence which is a beautiful hand-painted terracotta nativity scene with figurines produced in the Provence region of south eastern France and brought to Melbourne for the festival!


Some of you may know I have a three year old daughter so a stop via the Kids Secret Garden was a must where art & ballet classes were offered on the day as well as some arts & crafts activities, lavender playdough and French story time. My little one did the traditional pêche à la ligne game where she won a prize and was pretty happy to taste a Pierrot Gourmand sucette/lollipop, which were my favourite as a child.


I thought the 2.5 metre tall sand sculpture of two French people complete with berets, baguettes, wine and French bulldogs carved throughout the festival was very impressive and a great addition to the festival.


Overall, I loved this year's Paris to Provence Festival! I felt the market place was better organised with most of the food stalls located in the boulevard area and there was also more seating available than previous years. The mountain of Orangina on the day was also very pleasing! I am amazed that every year this three day event is put together over a period of nine months by founder and creative director Laura Rancie! Well done Laura and see you all next year!!

Mallalieu Boutique & Artisan Deli

I was recently invited to the Mallalieu Boutique & Artisan Deli in Hawthorn East. This beautiful French inspired boutique, deli & café is run by mother and daughter Kathy and Hannah. I love the French influence they have carried out throughout the boutique, you can tell it is an extension of their style and their French heritage (hence the name Mallalieu).

Mallalieu opened in December last year and offers a unique selection of French fashion with brands such as Lara Ethnics and Talia Benson as well as locally sourced brands.

Throughout the boutique, you can also find beautiful French or French inspired gifts and homewares such as cookbooks and soaps.

My favourite part of the store is the pantry where you can find French imported cornichons and mustard from Edmond Fallot, Labeyrie Terrine de Canard and my favourite drink Orangina.

You can then walk though to the artisan deli where you can enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat or pick up some more ingredients to make your own cheese platter at home.

The deli counter is filled with cured meats as well as French and Australian butter and cheese from Yarra Valley Dairy, Meredith dairy, Woombye Cheese and The Barossa Valley Cheese Co.

The Spring menu included some French items like a plain or ham & cheese croissant from Rustica Sourdough, a Croque Monsieur / Croque Madame or a Mallalieu board which comprises of cheeses with duck pistachio & green pepper terrine, rolada, cornichons, olives, salad and baguette - sounds delicious!

Off the café, you will find a secluded backyard where you can unwind, enjoy a cup of coffee or if you are not a coffee drinker like me, enjoy an Orangina and some French food.

I've saved the best for last - the food! I chose to try their Croque Monsieur which is made using Rustica Sourdough bread (which has a great crust and soft crumb), local ham, freshly made béchamel, Edmond Fallot Dijon mustard all topped with beautifully melted 18 month old Marcel Petite Comté gruyère! Yep you've probably guessed it by the ingredients - it was amazing! 

I was very impressed as it was well made, had great flavours, the béchamel was not too thick, the cheese was just the right amount and well melted. You could tell that only the best ingredients were used to make it. Hannah and her team should be proud as I would happily have their croque monsieur on a weekly basis if only I lived closer!

Mallalieu Boutique & Artisan Deli is a great boutique where fashion and food work well together. You can easily come in for a browse and leave relaxed, well fed and with a bag full of fashion and deli products! 

Mallalieu is located in Auburn Village at 113 Auburn Road in Hawthorn East. Check them out on Instagram or Facebook.

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A few weeks ago, I attended the Cake Bake and Sweets Show in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to win tickets to the show with eatplayshop blog and to top it off a selection of Nougatine's treats!! I know I have been on a winning streak lately!

Nougatine are known for their macarons and recently won Gold Medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards for their Salted Butter Caramel macaron and I will have to agree with the award. Each macaron is made individually so each is unique. Some of the interesting flavours available are Blueberry & Violet, Mango & Lime, Pear & White Balsamic, Mandarin & Thyme, Kiwi & Kaffir Lime, the list goes on. 

   Macarons (from top to bottom):  Rose & Rhubarb / Caramelised White Chocolate / Raspberry & Dark Chocolate / Salted Butter Caramel / Strawberry & Basil

Macarons (from top to bottom): Rose & Rhubarb / Caramelised White Chocolate / Raspberry & Dark Chocolate / Salted Butter Caramel / Strawberry & Basil

My favourite macarons were the Strawberry & Basil, Raspberry & Dark Chocolate and Salted Butter Caramel of course.

   Truffles (from top left to right):  "Jaffa" 70% Dark Chocolate & Orange / White Chocolate, Tonka Bean & Pistachio / Milk Chocolate & Coconut

Truffles (from top left to right): "Jaffa" 70% Dark Chocolate & Orange / White Chocolate, Tonka Bean & Pistachio / Milk Chocolate & Coconut

I loved the truffles too which are hand rolled and packed with flavour. My favourite truffle was the White chocolate, Tonka Bean & Pistachio. A very unique flavour combo that works and is not too sweet which is nice.

  Meringues (from top left to right):  Lemon, lime & green tea / Raspberry & vanilla / Chocolate & mint

Meringues (from top left to right): Lemon, lime & green tea / Raspberry & vanilla / Chocolate & mint

Love their little meringues, so delicate and morish. My favourite meringue was the Lemon, Lime & Green Tea, you can really taste the citrus flavours in this one - so good! Couldn't stop at one!

  Chocolate bars (from top to bottom):  White Chocolate filled with Cocoa Caramel / Milk Chocolate filled with Salted Butter Caramel & Hazelnut / Dark Chocolate filled with a Coffee Caramel

Chocolate bars (from top to bottom): White Chocolate filled with Cocoa Caramel / Milk Chocolate filled with Salted Butter Caramel & Hazelnut / Dark Chocolate filled with a Coffee Caramel

The chocolate used to make the chocolate bars is thin and delicate, such a beautiful treat. My favourite flavour was the White Chocolate filled with Cocoa Caramel, mm I need more!

Thanks again Nougatine for my beautiful treats!

Nougatine is run by two French couples Clément & Hélène and Aude & François. They attend several farmers' market every month so if you are interested in finding out when & where or interested in ordering any of the great products, checkout their website

Cobb Lane

First tried Cobb Lane baked goods and pastries at the July Flour Market this year. Loved their cinnamon bun and wagon wheel. I have since been waiting for the right time to head to their café and try their pastries and breads.

I visited a few weeks ago and although the menu isn't French I still enjoyed a Lamb burger in a brioche bun and homemade pickles and tomato sauce. 

On my way out, I was really tempted by the cakes on display but I will come back for those another time and enjoy a lemon & hazelnut meringue for afternoon tea or breakfast (yes I said breakfast)!

I loved the look of their breads (baked on premises) so had to grab something before I left! Almost took a brioche home but grabbed two of their sourdough baguettes instead - a plain and a mixed grains & seeds.

Both were fantastic and had great crust! The plain baguette had a soft buttery crumb whereas the mixed grains & seeds baguette had a nutty textured crumb which was a great baguette for bruschetta that evening (the plain baguette didn't survive the drive home ha!)

Cobb Lane Bakery is open Tuesday to Sunday (various times) at 13 Anderson Street in Yarraville.

Cobb Lane Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Zumbo Patisserie - Royal Melbourne Show

{Short feature} A quick intro to Zumbo Patisserie at the Royal Melbourne Show this year. Did not get a chance to try their shiny cakes but did try some of their macarons.

I tried the following macarons or should I say Zumbarons: Salted Caramel on toast, Caramel au beurre salé, Nutella and Finger Bun. My favourites were the Caramel au beurre salé and the Finger Bun.

Will have to try the cakes soon!

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Maille Boutique - Ritchies IGA Mount Eliza

Growing up with a French father and English mother, I was raised on mustard! Not any mustard though, definitely not the English hot mustard kind but French of course! Used in a variety of dishes, be it with steak frites, baguettes, sandwiches, salads or in vinaigrettes and sauces, the list goes on or any excuse will do really!

My favourite brand would have to be Maille for their mustards, vinegars, dressings, cornichons etc. The variety of Maille products in France is insane but thankfully things are improving in Australia! 

One of the latest improvements is the introduction of two La Maison Maille boutiques in Australia, one within Ritchies IGA Mosman in New South Wales and the other within Ritchies IGA Mt Eliza in Victoria. I visited the Ritchies IGA Mt Eliza Maille boutique in August and although it is a small boutique I was in heaven!

The best thing about the Maille boutique at Ritchies IGA in Mount Eliza apart from a huge range of mustards, vinaigrettes and the cornichons is the mustard on-tap. Maille mustard in jars is still great don't get me wrong but mustard on-tap definitely tastes better!

The Maille boutique has two flavours which they alternate every few days, the mustard with Chablis white wine and the mustard with Sauternes white wine. It comes in a stoneware jar that is filled on-site which can be refilled at half of the cost.

The mustard on-tap on the day was the mustard with Chablis white wine which is deep in flavour and being on-tap means that the mustard is fresh. I also tried another nine mustards on the day and really liked the Celeriac, black truffle & white wine mustard, Cognac & white wine mustard and the Honey & Modena balsamic vinegar mustard.

The Maille cornichons and vinegars are also available at the Maille boutique in Mount Eliza. We bought a few jars of Cornichons, the Celeriac black truffle & white wine mustard and the fresh on-tap mustard with Chablis white wine. Pretty much in love with the Chablis white wine mustard now, it goes perfectly with a rare eye fillet steak or in a ham and gruyère baguette or croque monsieur the list is endless!

If you are a fan of Maille products, I highly recommend a trip to the La Maison Maille boutique in Ritchies Mt Eliza. La Maison Maille boutique in Mt Eliza is located at 20/89 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza.

Loafer Bread Organic Bakery

I have been a huge fan of Loafer Bread Organic Bakery ever since I tried their crusty baguettes at the Fromage A Trois festival earlier this year and most recently their chaussons aux pommes at the recent Flour Market.

Loafer Bread is a small artisan bakery in the heart of Fitzroy North and all their lovely breads and pastries are baked on premises. 

They use certified organic flour, eggs and sugar in their pastries and certified bio dynamic flours & grains and stoneground flours in their sourdough breads.

To this day, I had only tried their baguettes and fragrant hot cross buns so I thought I would pop in to give their pastries a try.

They are known for their all butter croissants and pains au chocolat but I couldn't resist trying out one of their kouign-amanns when I saw them in the window. I will have to try their croissants and almond croissants very soon!

A kouign-amann is a round crusty cake from Brittany in France made with layers of bread dough, butter and sugar folded in. The word kouign-amann literally translates to cake and butter in Breton. 

I was pretty happy with the layers of buttery flaky goodness and sugar crystals on the top and bottom of the pastry. This was my first kouign-amann and definitely won't be my last!

Their pain au chocolat was also very flaky and the top layer had a nice crunch to it, the chocolate was a bit bitter for me but nonetheless it was a beautiful flaky pain au chocolat.

I love their baguette, it has this amazing crust that has great sound and the taste keeps me going back for more! In addition to the great crust, the crumb was very soft with a hint of salt. All round a beautiful baguette.

I also wanted to try one of their handmade sourdough bread (which was still warm when I picked it up). I opted for the white loaf which also had great crust (these guys really dominate in the crust department), the crumb was also very good. 

All and all I was very happy with my trip to Loafer Bread this morning, my house smells like a bakery right now ha!

Loafer Bread Organic Bakery is open Monday to Sunday (various times) at 146 Scotchmer Street Fitzroy North.

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You can still eat French whilst being pregnant!

When I launched French About Melbourne on Insta back in April this year, little did I know I was pregnant with our second child. I was too busy eating all my favourite French cheeses, charcuterie and drinking away bubbles and wine and then boom! Although limiting, a French diet is not impossible even with a little one on the way. 

In this post, I share some French foods you can eat and those that will be off-limits until your child is born and you can pop that Champagne!

Hello French food with baby!

  • Pastries are my favourite but even though I can indulge I have been told to take it easy to avoid gestational diabetes. So instead of 3, I will have 1 a day hehe! 
  • Cheeses, don't get me started! I want D'Affinois Brie but these few will have to do! Babybel, 
    La Vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow), Kiri, Emmental, Gruyère, Boursin, 
    chèvre without a white rind, fromage frais, crème fraîche and yoghurts.
  • Anything else is game as long as it has been cooked and does not contain raw eggs, raw seafood, soft cheese, charcuteries (deli meats - unless well cooked under grill or in the oven) or alcohol (unless cooked through). So ladies, you can have your freshly cooked croque monsieur, french onion soup, french toast, quiche lorraine, escargots (unless you have a seafood allergy - just to be safe), cuisses de grenouilles, crème brûlée, tarte tatin, milles-feuilles, etc.. I don't know about you but I'm getting hungry!

Bye bye to the following for 9 months..!

The main reason behind avoiding certain foods during pregnancy is listeria. Listeria is a bacteria which can cause a food poisoning illness. Pregnant women are more at risk of catching the disease so expecting mums must be careful. For more info, see the Food Standards Australia page.

  • Sorry guys but bye bye Mousse au chocolat (made with raw egg), meat pâtés (high level of animal vitamin A), rillette, fricandeaux, foie gras, saucisson, terrine, sauce béarnaise, sauce hollandaise, eggs bénédicte, freshly made mayonnaise, steak tartare, boeuf Bourguignon (cooked with lots of red wine & brandy), smoked salmon, raw seafood in general even scallops. I like my steak blue or rare and my duck medium rare but medium will do for now even if it breaks my heart!
  • If you open my fridge, you will find normally lots of cheeses but for now none of these will be there! The following are off-limits: camembert, brie, blue brie, coulommiers, chaumes, chèvre
    with a white rind, Pont l'évêque, Époisses, Vacherin Fribourgeois, bleu d'Auvergne, Roquefort, 
    Tomme, Chabichou, Reblochon and with some claiming that France has close to 1,000 different types of cheeses, I am sure I am missing some!

I was recently told by a cheesemonger that some unpasteurised/raw milk cheeses are safe for pregnant women because the risk of catching listeria with cheeses does not lay with pasteurisation but with the amount of water contained in the cheese. If a cheese has high water content and sits around getting mouldy, the bacteria will feed off the water. To me that makes total sense (mainly because I want to eat Comté by the bucket load), but my doctor no doubt has some reservations! 

One of the biggest thing I miss when being pregnant is a glass of red wine to go with my meals, so smelling someone else's glass of wine will have to do for now! 

What French food or drink did you miss the most when you were pregnant?

Note: This post is only meant as a guide and has been compiled by a collection of sources online.  If you are ensure of what to eat or drink when you are pregnant, seek medical advice from your GP.

Crêpes maison

Crêpes are a true favourite at my house, something I have made hundreds of times but never get sick of. One simple recipe, lots of possibilities! You can use this recipe to make sweet or savoury crêpes with small changes.

 Crêpe à la confiture de fraises - Crêpe with strawberry jam

Crêpe à la confiture de fraises - Crêpe with strawberry jam

A few ideas for sweet crêpes:
-crêpes with sugar (crêpes au sucre)
-crêpes with butter and sugar (crêpes au beurre et sucre)
-crêpes with lemon and sugar (crêpes au sucre & citron)
-crêpes with jam (crêpes à la confiture)
-crêpes with Nutella (crêpes au Nutella)
-crêpes Suzette

A few ideas for savoury crêpes: 
-crêpes with ham & gruyère cheese (crêpes jambon gruyère)
-crêpes with buttery mushrooms and gruyère cheese (crêpes champignons gruyère)
-crêpes with goats cheese and ham (crêpes fromage de chèvre et jambon)

Lots of possibilities, now let's start making!

-250g (or 2 cups) of plain flour
-a pinch of salt
-1 teaspoon of white sugar (to omit if making savoury crêpes)
-2 eggs
-410 ml (1 and 2/3 cups) of milk
-125 ml (1/2 cup) of water
-a small cube of melted butter (enough to cover a tablespoon once melted)
-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (to omit if making savoury crêpes or if you don't like vanilla)

Makes 12 or more crêpes depending on your frying pan. If you love crêpes, buying a special crêpes' pan will make things easier and ensure they are thin and cook quicker. You can pick some for $10 or more from good kitchenware shops. 

Sift the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl and make a well in the centre. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs gently and mix them with the milk and water. Pour the liquid slowly into the well by making sure you incorporate the dry and wet ingredients together without lumps until you have a smooth consistency. I usually start with a wooden spoon and then progress to use a whisk once the batter is smooth. To aerate the batter a bit I use an old-fashioned whisker for a few minutes at the end but it's a personal preference and not essential. You then stir in the melted butter followed by the vanilla extract (for sweet crêpes) into the batter until incorporated. Cover the bowl with clingwrap and place in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Once the 20 minutes have elapsed, mix the batter to check its consistency. If the batter looks too thick, I add a bit of milk until its thin enough for my liking. Heat your crêpe pan or a deep non-stick frying pan. My crêpes' pan doesn't need to be greased with either butter or oil but some pans may need it or if you are a bit fan of butter then grease your pan with a little butter before frying the crêpe batter. Pour in enough batter to cover the base of the pan in a thin layer and remove any excess. Cook over moderate heat for about one minute or until the batter comes off the pan. Flip the crêpe with a spatula onto the other side and cook for another minute. Enjoy with any type of toppings you like! My favourite toppings are sugar or strawberry jam, what's yours?

Checkout this small video I made a while ago for Instagram of me flipping crêpes for a bit of fun!

Note: To make my crêpes, I use good quality ingredients for best results such as organic or free range eggs, unbleached plain flour, full cream milk, butter and premium vanilla extract.

Agathé Pâtisserie - South Melbourne Market

'Keep calm and eat more butter' - I don't have to be told twice especially when it comes to French pâtisseries from Agathé's Pâtisserie! 

Agathe Kerr is the very talented pâtissier behind Agathé Pâtissier. Agathe started selling her beautiful croissants at Prahran market a year ago and has been selling out every since! To satisfy her huge following, the busy mum of three took her business to the next level last weekend by opening her shop and open kitchen in South Melbourne market.

The shop's name is a play on with words with her first name and the word 'goûter' in French which means 'afternoon tea' but you can spoil yourself all day long with fresh pastries baked throughout the day right in front of your eyes!

All pastries and cakes are made on-site by Agathe herself and her head Chef Jimmy Clair. Agathe comes with professional training from top training school l'École de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie in Paris and her head chef Jimmy brings years of training and experience working under renowned Paris based pâtissier Cyril Lignac. 

An ever changing selection of croissants, pains au chocolat, madeleines, danishes, cruffins, canelés, pains aux raisins, Paris-brest, lemon meringues and tarts will be available.

Agathe also adds interesting sweet and savoury fillings to her croissants and danishes with flavours of pandan, red bean paste, matcha tea, strawberry, pistachio, croque monsieur and camembert. And her popular cruffins are filled to order with nutella, salted caramel, mojito and strawberry filling. It's no wonder she sells out in a few hours!  

So if you're hungry for a taste of France and buttery goodness, pop into Agathe's pâtisserie first thing!

IMGP6702 (2).jpg

Agathé Pâtisserie is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at South Melbourne Market in stalls 63 and 64. She will reopen in Prahran market very soon!

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