Maille Boutique - Ritchies IGA Mount Eliza

Growing up with a French father and English mother, I was raised on mustard! Not any mustard though, definitely not the English hot mustard kind but French of course! Used in a variety of dishes, be it with steak frites, baguettes, sandwiches, salads or in vinaigrettes and sauces, the list goes on or any excuse will do really!

My favourite brand would have to be Maille for their mustards, vinegars, dressings, cornichons etc. The variety of Maille products in France is insane but thankfully things are improving in Australia! 

One of the latest improvements is the introduction of two La Maison Maille boutiques in Australia, one within Ritchies IGA Mosman in New South Wales and the other within Ritchies IGA Mt Eliza in Victoria. I visited the Ritchies IGA Mt Eliza Maille boutique in August and although it is a small boutique I was in heaven!

The best thing about the Maille boutique at Ritchies IGA in Mount Eliza apart from a huge range of mustards, vinaigrettes and the cornichons is the mustard on-tap. Maille mustard in jars is still great don't get me wrong but mustard on-tap definitely tastes better!

The Maille boutique has two flavours which they alternate every few days, the mustard with Chablis white wine and the mustard with Sauternes white wine. It comes in a stoneware jar that is filled on-site which can be refilled at half of the cost.

The mustard on-tap on the day was the mustard with Chablis white wine which is deep in flavour and being on-tap means that the mustard is fresh. I also tried another nine mustards on the day and really liked the Celeriac, black truffle & white wine mustard, Cognac & white wine mustard and the Honey & Modena balsamic vinegar mustard.

The Maille cornichons and vinegars are also available at the Maille boutique in Mount Eliza. We bought a few jars of Cornichons, the Celeriac black truffle & white wine mustard and the fresh on-tap mustard with Chablis white wine. Pretty much in love with the Chablis white wine mustard now, it goes perfectly with a rare eye fillet steak or in a ham and gruyΓ¨re baguette or croque monsieur the list is endless!

If you are a fan of Maille products, I highly recommend a trip to the La Maison Maille boutique in Ritchies Mt Eliza. La Maison Maille boutique in Mt Eliza is located at 20/89 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza.