You can still eat French whilst being pregnant!

When I launched French About Melbourne on Insta back in April this year, little did I know I was pregnant with our second child. I was too busy eating all my favourite French cheeses, charcuterie and drinking away bubbles and wine and then boom! Although limiting, a French diet is not impossible even with a little one on the way. 

In this post, I share some French foods you can eat and those that will be off-limits until your child is born and you can pop that Champagne!

Hello French food with baby!

  • Pastries are my favourite but even though I can indulge I have been told to take it easy to avoid gestational diabetes. So instead of 3, I will have 1 a day hehe! 
  • Cheeses, don't get me started! I want D'Affinois Brie but these few will have to do! Babybel, 
    La Vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow), Kiri, Emmental, Gruyère, Boursin, 
    chèvre without a white rind, fromage frais, crème fraîche and yoghurts.
  • Anything else is game as long as it has been cooked and does not contain raw eggs, raw seafood, soft cheese, charcuteries (deli meats - unless well cooked under grill or in the oven) or alcohol (unless cooked through). So ladies, you can have your freshly cooked croque monsieur, french onion soup, french toast, quiche lorraine, escargots (unless you have a seafood allergy - just to be safe), cuisses de grenouilles, crème brûlée, tarte tatin, milles-feuilles, etc.. I don't know about you but I'm getting hungry!

Bye bye to the following for 9 months..!

The main reason behind avoiding certain foods during pregnancy is listeria. Listeria is a bacteria which can cause a food poisoning illness. Pregnant women are more at risk of catching the disease so expecting mums must be careful. For more info, see the Food Standards Australia page.

  • Sorry guys but bye bye Mousse au chocolat (made with raw egg), meat pâtés (high level of animal vitamin A), rillette, fricandeaux, foie gras, saucisson, terrine, sauce béarnaise, sauce hollandaise, eggs bénédicte, freshly made mayonnaise, steak tartare, boeuf Bourguignon (cooked with lots of red wine & brandy), smoked salmon, raw seafood in general even scallops. I like my steak blue or rare and my duck medium rare but medium will do for now even if it breaks my heart!
  • If you open my fridge, you will find normally lots of cheeses but for now none of these will be there! The following are off-limits: camembert, brie, blue brie, coulommiers, chaumes, chèvre
    with a white rind, Pont l'évêque, Époisses, Vacherin Fribourgeois, bleu d'Auvergne, Roquefort, 
    Tomme, Chabichou, Reblochon and with some claiming that France has close to 1,000 different types of cheeses, I am sure I am missing some!

I was recently told by a cheesemonger that some unpasteurised/raw milk cheeses are safe for pregnant women because the risk of catching listeria with cheeses does not lay with pasteurisation but with the amount of water contained in the cheese. If a cheese has high water content and sits around getting mouldy, the bacteria will feed off the water. To me that makes total sense (mainly because I want to eat Comté by the bucket load), but my doctor no doubt has some reservations! 

One of the biggest thing I miss when being pregnant is a glass of red wine to go with my meals, so smelling someone else's glass of wine will have to do for now! 

What French food or drink did you miss the most when you were pregnant?

Note: This post is only meant as a guide and has been compiled by a collection of sources online.  If you are ensure of what to eat or drink when you are pregnant, seek medical advice from your GP.