Lune Croissanterie

I first heard of Lune Croissanterie a few years ago when Lune was located in Elwood. The idea of waking up at 4am to drive to Elwood and line up for croissants did not appeal to me at the time though especially as a new sleep deprived parent. Thankfully Lune's new Fitzroy warehouse Croissanterie opened late last year and is only 15 mins away from my house and they open on Fridays which makes it ideal for me for some croissants tasting! 


The new climate controlled Lune lab is a glass cube in the middle of the warehouse where all the magic happens. I witnessed the brother & sister duo making ham & gruyère croissants as I walked in and with that I decided to try one onsite and grab a 'few' pastries to go.


The Ham & Gruyère Croissant was still warm from the oven and I must say it was amazing! You could taste the flavour of the ham from the grilled gruyère on the top of the croissant. The croissant itself was flaky and well layered, the ham nice and smokey and the melted gruyère and light grained mustard on the inside, very tasty. No traditional béchamel however but I don't think it needed it anyway.


The Lemon Curd Cruffin topped with a slightly salty meringue was small and a little dense for my liking but the lemon curd was very nice and tangy.


I tried Lune's original croissant, it was nice, flaky, it had a beautiful glossy shine on the outside and nice honeycomb layers on the inside.


The Pain au Chocolat had similar qualities to the original croissant smaller than I would have liked and did not have as much chocolate as I am used to in Paris but still very nice.


The pretty Twice Baked Almond Croissant was very beautiful to look at with its generous amount of flaked almonds and the croissant was also very flaky and glossy, I just wanted a bit more almond frangipane on the inside.

Overall, I did enjoy sitting at Lune's Fitzroy warehouse croissanterie whilst enjoying a delicious ham & gruyère croissant and I have no doubt that sitting through the Lune Lab three courses would be an amazing experience. My favourite Lune pastry would have to be the ham & gruyère croissant. The others were great but did miss that little something which made them a perfect 10/10. But Lune is definitely up there with some of Melbourne's great croissanterie and I admire the dedicated duo who are perfectionists, master of their craft and make amazing looking pastries! 

Lune Croissanterie is located at 119 Rose Street in Fitzroy and is open Friday to Sunday from 8am until sold out.