Vinomofo Wines

I recently received two bottles from Vinomofo to test and chat about. Vinomofo is no stranger to my house, my husband and I have been buying wine from the Mofo crew for more than two years now and I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours that my second child might be attributable to their Duck Sauce Pinot Noir!

Vinomofo was founded in 2011 but it really started in 2007 in a garage in Adelaide when brothers-in-law Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier wanted to create a social network of wine lovers. After years of talking to producers and their tribe, they founded Vinomofo and started selling wine to the public. Justin and Andre are down-to-earth guys who believe that wine shouldn't be about 'bowties and bullshit' and only sell wines they love to drink. Fast forward to today and the Mofo tribe has over 400,000 members and their buying power is strong which means they can offer great deals but still keep it real.

They also co-produce their own wine label called 'Kinda Independent Wine Company' and the wines they sell are made in collobaration with great Aussie wine makers and aren't available anywhere else. These guys can be found here. They also sell them as a mixed 6 pack (or dozen) called their Collaboration Case.

I was more than happy to try out two bottles from the Collaboration Case - the Art Of War Shiraz 2014 and the Duck Sauce Pinot Noir 2014.


My husband always jokes about how I used to only want to drink full bodied Shiraz from the Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale region until he introduced me to Pinot Noir. This was mainly because before we met I lived in Adelaide, before that I lived in France.

Growing up, my father loved his wine, he had an amazing cellar filled with great bottles that he aged for years and made me try on special occasions. He loved sourcing wine and champagne from all over Europe and as a result I loved wine too. The rest of the time, my parents drank cleanskin/drinkable wines that we would buy and bottle ourselves. Those wines were great to complement lunch or dinner, nothing over the top but still a great bottle to drink.

I think of Vinomofo's Collaboration Case in a similar way however a little bit more edgy in style with their cool label and names and more adventurous in their selection of wine notes. Even though those wines aren't wines that you would cellar for years, they are great in depth of flavour and great wines to bring out at dinner parties with friends and family.

Now for the tasting .. !

Art Of War Barossa Valley SA Shiraz 2014


Art Of War Shiraz 2014 is an amazing wine that I could drink on a daily basis (well my doctor probably wouldn't agree but I'd love to!). This wine can be described as full-bodied, round, bold yet still easy to drink with beautiful flavour of dark fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant and blood plum) and great depth. This wine is crafted by Kym Teusner with some beautiful Shiraz grapes that you can appreciate on the nose. Although young, this wine does not leave you with that tannin taste in your mouth that you would otherwise get from younger wines. A quick aeration and it's good to go!


I paired a glass of the Art Of War Shiraz with perfectly cooked lamb cutlets and bacon & cheese potato gratin and it went beautifully with the meal cooked by yours truly. The deep Shiraz flavour goes really well with the strong gamy meat and cuts through the richness of the potato gratin.

Duck Sauce Yarra Valley VIC Pinot Noir 2014


Duck Sauce Pinot Noir 2014 is a great go-to wine for a quiet Friday night, it goes really well with the casual pizza or duck funny enough! This wine is described as Medium-bodied, silky, elegant with fruit characters of cherry, redcurrant and pinch of spice. Make sure you aerate it before you drink it to 'ruffle its feathers' and for it to be 'best in show'.

I paired a glass of the Duck Sauce Pinot Noir with some perfectly cooked crispy skin duck breast and green beans bathed in garlic butter cooked by @bistrobelly on the weekend and it paired beautifully! It is gentle yet but still has a small depth to it.

I really enjoyed trying out these wines and I am looking forward to trying some more wines from Vinomofo's Collaboration Case soon (hint hint) - haha I wish!

If you want to join the Mofo tribe, see what all the fuss is about and support a great team of people, here's their website. They have both epic and secret deals that either sell out fast or are on for limited times. Their delivery is also fast and trackable which is great so you can stalk your wine! If you end up trying a few of their wines and don't like them, you can return them and the wine gets picked up which is great. See how you go!
This product talk was brought to you by Nuffnang and Vinomofo. The wine was provided by Nuffnang and Vinomofo however the views are my own.