Celebration High Tea at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

My daughter and I were recently invited at the beautiful 5 star Sofitel Sydney Wentworth hotel for a special mother and daughter high tea. As we arrived at the Soirée Restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff and as we sat down, my daughter kept looking at other guests' high tea selection and wondered if we were going to have high tea too!


When our French inspired Celebration High Tea arrived, we definitely felt spoilt! This special high tea comprises of sweet little patisseries, scones and savoury choices all accompanied with a selection of Ronnefeldt teas or a cheeky glass of Veuve Clicquot. 


Our French high tea included white chocolate domes, vanilla macarons, vanilla éclairs, berry tartlets, Wentworth cheesecakes, apple tartlets and scones with homemade strawberry jam & cream for sweet treats. And for savoury we had smoked salmon on viennoise bread, egg sandwiches and mushroom quiches. 


I really enjoyed the thin pastry of the apple tartlet which was matched well with textured apple slices and a tiny gold leaf on top. 


My daughter's favourite treat was the white chocolate dome, a very delicate almost jelly-like dome with a white chocolate disk base topped with a cute golden button. I managed to try a small bit of one of the domes as the delicious consistency had my daughter going back for seconds!


The berry tartlet had a nice pastry shell which was filled with a light custard filling topped with fresh raspberries.


I loved loved loved the little vanilla éclair which had perfect icing, soft dough and a custard filling. The éclairs disappeared quite quickly hence they didn't get an individual photo.


The vanilla macaron had a light consistency with a sweet meringue and tender ganache which was pleasant. 


We also tried the Wentworth Cheesecake which had a bouncy consistency, a tad too sweet for me but it might be because I tried it last. I enjoyed the scones with homemade jam & cream as well as the sultana scones which were both nice and soft in the middle with a nice crust with lashings of jam and cream. 

Last but not least, the smoked salmon on viennoise bread and the mushroom quiche were nice savoury optionsThe quiche had great mushroom flavour and the softness of the viennoise bread was a great choice with the smoked salmon.


Thank you Sofitel Sydney Wentworth for having us, my daughter and I had an amazing time - such a special French high tea!

The Celebration High Tea is only available for group high tea parties in Garden Court Restaurant. Please refer to the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth's website for more information.

This post is in no way sponsored, however we were invited by Sofitel Sydney Wentworth to review this high tea.